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Patient Success Stories

We love to celebrate our patients' victories! Here's our virtual bulletin board of Novatio success stories so you can celebrate with us.

I Can Hike Again!

"Thanks, Dr. Manning, for my transplant (allograft). Nine months later I was able to do a 4-mile hike in Yosemite and am starting to do small jumps. I am able to play on the trampoline with my kids and can almost keep up with the 9-year-olds on my daughter’s soccer team in short bursts. I am working hard to be able to jog around my block by the end of the year (at 10.5 months after surgery)."
-Curtis M.
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Thanks, Novatio!

"Thanks for helping me get back on the wall. Let's hang sometime!"

You Rock

"Thanks, Dr. Manning and team. You rock."
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-Kiem H.

Marathon PR

"You gave me the confidence to trust my knee again for a PR in my marathon. Thank you!”

Able To Ride My Bike Again

"Thanks, Dr. Manning. After a total knee replacement, four months later I'm able to ride my bike again."
-Dan Z.
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-Craig H.

Back to Flying

"Dr. Manning did a great job on my reverse shoulder replacement. I can sleep at night now and was able to resume flying in just a few short weeks! Now I get to go back and get my knee fixed!”

Back To Athletic Life

"I broke my right elbow after falling on the sidewalk in February, 2020.  Dr. Manning was absolutely the best surgeon and kept me laughing at every follow-up visit with his great stories! I now have full range of motion in my right arm and am back to the athletic life that I love!  Thank you so much!"
-Leslie L.
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-Kallie K.

My Doctor

"Zoey broke her collar bone and came to see Dr. Manning for treatment. He was so kind and caring with her, after a few bi-weekly appointments she was sad to find out she didn’t have to come back. She loved the special treatment she got while there. Zo still lets everyone know that Dr. Manning is “her” doctor. Thank you to you and your staff! ”

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